Letter of rec emergency

Guys, I suddenly need to write a letter of recommendation, which I have never done before. I don't really know the genre. Would anybody be willing to share a sample letter with me? Preferably someone in the humanities? I'd really appreciate it.

ETA: Sorry, duh - e-mail address is luscusregnat AT gmail DOT com.
  • woldy

A System for Job Applications

A discussion with one of my flist who is not a member here brought up the question: what's your system for job applications? How much do you customize them? How do you get them all done?

I'd love to hear everyone's top tips for what I suspect is most people's least-favourite part of the academic process.
  • elsane


Tonight I am finishing the draft of my research statement for job applications so I can go back to doing research with an undivided mind.

I really, really hate these things. At least I think this is already better than last year's version?

I'm going to be checking in with paragraph counts.

9:20 pm: facing the abyss of the segue into dark matter discussion. This is possibly the hardest part.

9:50 pm: Have written some decent stuff on dark matter. Am listening to Beethoven string quartets and drinking red wine. The wine is part of my deep reserve fallback strategy on overcoming inhibitions (previously deployed for thesis introductions), and it seems to be working. I have now put down a whole bunch of words on how awesome dark structure is and how cool it can keep being which I will have to edit later but the difficult part is getting them down on the page to start with.

I do not recommend the red wine strategy except in emergencies.

10:20 pm: Segue back to LHC achieved. Now must write that last bit.

Have used the word datum, which may need to be remedied.

10:50 pm: Have stated very starkly motivations to do what I'm doing in terms of the future of the field. Might not have done this without the wine. (Must get over this. Must also stop omitting the subject in my sentences.)

I still need to write the concluding paragraph. Otherwise, it's looking fairly good? I think? (Which, of course, makes me wonder why on earth I couldn't just buckle down and do this two weeks ago.)

Breaking off for the nightly telephone call to my other half. I'll take a vague stab at the conclusions afterward.

12:20 am: Wrote a couple of scary job-related e-mails instead of the conclusions. Can I count that? I may have to. Conclusions tomorrow.

I feel much better now.